Awards calculator: Every mile counts

When you use your SWISS Miles & More credit cards, you earn award miles, which you can use for award flights, upgrades to SWISS Business or product awards. With the Swisscard mileage calculator you can find out easily how quickly you can reach your destination.

Earning miles is a breeze with the Miles & More frequent flyer program and the SWISS Miles & More credit cards. You are credited with miles for every purchase. And automatically too. All you have to do is pay with a credit card from your SWISS Miles & More card duo. For example, for a coffee on your way to work, lunch, shopping on the way home or books in the online bookstore.

Pay cashless more often

You only need 20,000 award miles for a flight within Europe thanks to Fly Smart awards in Economy Class. Using your credit cards on a regular basis will help you get there faster than you might think. For example, if you pay

  • CHF 800 for shopping,
  • CHF 450 for travel,
  • CHF 350 for gas and parking fees,
  • CHF 300 in restaurants and
  • CHF 350 online

with your SWISS Miles & More American Express Classic every month, you need less than two years for a flight to London, Barcelona or Athens.

When you pay with a SWISS Miles & More American Express Gold or SWISS Miles & More American Express Platinum, you can reach your destination even faster.

Calculate your award miles

Do you want to know how long it will take to earn miles for your award? Find out quickly using our interactive mileage calculator. All you have to do is select the required SWISS Miles & More card duo and enter your monthly spend on shopping, travel, gas and parking fees, restaurant visits and online shopping. The calculator instantly shows how many award miles you can earn each year if you pay for this spending with a SWISS Miles & More credit card.

SWISS Miles & More credit cards

SWISS Miles & More Classic card duo

Make cashless payments and earn award miles.

SWISS Miles & More Gold card duo

More services and more award miles.

SWISS Miles & More Platinum card duo

The exclusive credit cards for maximum award miles.