Mobile Payment: Pay conveniently with your smartphone

If you travel, you need a smartphone and a credit card. Or, even better, a smartphone, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. This is particularly useful when traveling or on vacation.

Traveling without a credit card and cell phone is almost impossible today. It starts with the preparation: When you book a flight, reserve a hotel or rent a car, you usually need to pay straight away or confirm your reservation with a credit card. Before you travel, you load public transport timetables, travel guides and city guides onto your smartphone as an app or offline version in case you don’t have a network connection on the road. And the digital airline ticket is sent to your cell phone and you’re kept informed about the flight status. Frequent travelers like Daniel Bieri, online marketing consultant at KMU Performer in Zurich, check in online today and travel without a paper ticket: "I only print out my ticket if there’s no other option or the technology goes on strike."

Traveling with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

The smartphone becomes the most important travel accessory with mobile payment. You can use it to plan, book, find your way around a foreign city – and pay at any terminal with a contactless function. Paying with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay is just as easy, secure and fast as with a card, but even more convenient. That’s what 32-year-old Daniel Bieri appreciates: "Mobile payments are quick and easy, I always have my smartphone with me and I don’t have to remember my wallet." The online marketing manager recently was in Copenhagen. Before departure, he changed some money into Danish krone at the airport for minor expenses. "I took most of the krone back home with me," Bieri says with a smile, "there’s hardly anywhere in Copenhagen where you can pay in cash ..."

Mobile payment in Switzerland

Paying by credit card is (still) more widespread abroad than in Switzerland. But that’s changing fast, as confirmed by the results of a survey by the comparison portal at the end of November 2018: Seventy percent of the 1,500 people surveyed prefer to pay by card rather than cash because it’s easier and more secure. More than half of the respondents use their credit card frequently or even very frequently. Mobile payment will increase and speed up this trend, because cell phones are even faster than the card in your wallet and more and more payment terminals are equipped with the contactless function. Daniel Bieri should also be pleased: "I only have cash for parking meters, but that’s a pain." Mobile payment will also solve this problem.

Daniel Bieri

We spoke to Daniel Bieri (32), who is the Online Marketing Manager and Member of the Management Board at KMU Performer AG in Zurich. He doesn’t just travel frequently on business, but privately too, for example on weekend trips in Europe. In his spare time, Bieri likes cooking and eating, swimming regularly, working out at the gym and is interested in cars and motor sports.

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