Use your card and stop your miles from expiring.

Award miles are usually valid for 36 months. They expire if they are not redeemed within this period. However, there is a simple way to retain your miles despite this.

Terms and conditions for delaying mileage expiration

Normally your award miles in the Miles & More program expire after 36 months, however, they are valid for longer if you have SWISS Miles & More credit cards and the following Terms and Conditions are met:

  • You have been the holder of a SWISS Miles & More credit card for at least 1 month.
  • You use your SWISS Miles & More credit card (incl. additional card) at least once a month for purchases that are eligible for miles1). The Miles & More account, which the Miles & More credit card award miles are credited to, is taken into account.
  • The extended validity of miles applies to all award miles, irrespective of whether they were or are earned when flying, making payments or during promotions by other Miles & More partners.
  • Any miles that have already expired cannot be reactivated by using the SWISS Miles & More credit card.
  • Reinstatement of mileage expiration: If one of the conditions mentioned above is not met, the expiry of miles is reinstated with appropriate notice given on the Miles & More account statement for the following quarter. Award miles, which were exempt from mileage expiration and/or would have usually expired during this period, retain their validity until then.
  • The suspension of mileage expiration under the Terms and Conditions above applies to all SWISS Miles & More credit cards.

1) Except for fees, interest, back-charges, outstanding payments, cash withdrawals and spending on the lottery, betting or casinos.

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