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Japan is worth visiting



Tradition that goes back thousands of years meets pop culture

Japan is a puzzle of 6,852 islands. Most are uninhabited or barely populated. The same cannot be said of Tokyo, where 14 million people live. Tokyo is a fascinating melting pot full of contrasts. Flashy and colourful, but also quiet and reserved. In the centre, historic temples stand peacefully next to futuristic skyscrapers.


The metropolis of contrasts

Once you’ve landed in Tokyo, take a few days to explore the city, discover its culture and enjoy its varied cuisine. The nearby 8th-century Sensō-ji Temple can be reached quickly by public transport and is one of the country’s most important Buddhist shrines.


Marvel, wander and relax

A trip through Japan has a lot to offer, especially during the cherry blossom season from mid-March to early May. Highlights include a visit to Kyoto, the former capital and seat of the emperor until the 19th century, a hike up Mount Fuji, the country’s highest mountain, or a relaxing soak in the onsen, the natural hot tubs that reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. 日本へようこそ。


Good to know

You can easily make cashless payments with your SWISS Miles & More credit cards at many stores, hotels or restaurants in Tokyo. Nevertheless, you should also always have cash with you. Especially when you leave the capital. You can use your credit cards to withdraw yen from ATMs at banks, in large convenience stores or the post office.