Secure online shopping

Books, clothes, furniture – more and more products are being ordered online. Standard credit cards, like your SWISS Miles & More credit card are being accepted at countless online shops. All you have to do is enter the relevant card details and the payment is made automatically.

Shop online safely using your credit card

If you observe a few important points, your SWISS Miles & More credit card is also one of the safest methods of payment for online shopping. Stick to our tips to significantly minimize risks, such as data abuse.

Make sure it is a serious provider

  • Only order from serious providers, whose address, e-mail address and phone number as well as their General Terms and Conditions can be seen on the website
  • Read and confirm the provider’s General Terms and Conditions before entering your card number
  • Make online transactions using a secure method, such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for example. You can see whether a provider encrypts payment information by the padlock on the bottom edge of the browser or the description “https://”.
  • More and more providers are using 3-D Secure where all you have to do is enter your personal password for additional identification

Only enter relevant card information

Not all details are required to carry out an online transaction. For example, your PIN code is never needed online, it is secret and personal. Do not provide any information about your credit card purely for information purposes but only in the payment process during the ordering process.

Keep your documents in a safe place

Print your order out or save it on your computer. Keep any documents that prove your purchase in a safe place. Check your statements and report any discrepancies immediately by phone and in writing within 30 days of the statement.

Keep up-to-date

Always keep your operating system, browser and application security up-to-date. Possible security loopholes are prevented by regularly checking for updates.
Do not place any orders on publically accessible computers.