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7 reasons to pay more often by credit card

Fewer and fewer Swiss people are paying by cash. The times when we withdraw money from ATMs and pay with it are slowly but surely coming to an end. There is much to be said for cashless payment methods, especially credit cards.


The biggest advantages of credit cards at a glance

  • Great financial flexibility
  • Maximum security
  • Worldwide card acceptance
  • Simple online payments
  • Full control of your spending
  • Flexible payment options
  • Pay hygienically

The 7 most important advantages of credit cards in detail


With your credit card, you have enough money at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. On the way to work, in the restaurant, in the online shop or while traveling. Thanks to mobile payment (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or SwatchPAY!) all you need is your smartphone or smartwatch and you can leave your card at home.


Credit card payments are very secure thanks to innovative encryption and security technologies. Payments in online shops, for example, must first be confirmed with an SMS code or in the Swisscard app before they are authorized (3-D Secure). And if your card is used fraudulently, you get your money back.


All Swisscard credit cards are widely accepted worldwide and online. You can use them in Switzerland, abroad and online to pay for your daily shopping, book your next flight or reserve a hotel room simply, conveniently and securely without cash. Especially abroad, credit cards are the first choice.

Online payments

In many online shops you can only pay with your credit card. The only sensible alternative is an online payment service, but you will also need a credit card. Only a few small shops in Switzerland deliver on account to customers in Switzerland. You cannot pay online with your Maestro card.

Full control of your spending

You receive a monthly overview of your credit card payments. With the free Swisscard app for Android or iOS you have full control: You receive notifications and can check all payments in real time, all statements electronically and the current balance or available amount.

Payment options

You can pay your credit card statement by DD with up to 30 days of interest-free credit or in installments. With the installment facility, you increase your financial scope within your credit limit. You decide when and how much to pay. You pay interest for the installment facility and must pass the credit assessment.


Cash is unhygienic. Many have only become aware of this (again) due to corona. Paying by card is the most hygienic method of payment because you do not need to carry notes or change. And if you pay contactless with your credit card, smartphone or smartwatch, you do not even need to enter a PIN code at the payment terminal.