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Classic card duo

✓ 12,000 miles
✓ CHF 60 in the first year
✓ Miles do not expire


As a participant in the Miles & More frequent flyer program, you earn award miles for an award flight or an upgrade to Business Class. Apply for your credit card duo now and earn even more valuable miles every day to help you to get to your destination faster.


Vacation tip: Iceland

Iceland is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Although the islands are twice the size of Switzerland, fewer people live here than in Zurich.

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Vacation tip: Japan

Japan is a puzzle of 6,852 islands. Most are uninhabited or barely populated. The same cannot be said of Tokyo, where 14 million people live.

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Save miles with mileage bargains

There are monthly miles offers for award flights on meilenschaeppchen.de. So you can explore Europe and the world, and save valuable miles at the same time. Maybe you can even enjoy this winter in the sun?

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Summary of all your advantages

  • 12,000 welcome miles
  • Up to 1.5 award miles for every CHF 2 spent on the card
  • Prevent mileage expiration
  • Save CHF 60: You only pay half the annual fee in the first year

Other SWISS Miles & More credit cards

SWISS Miles & More Gold

With 15,000 additional welcome miles.

SWISS Miles & More Platinum

With 20,000 additional welcome miles.

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Fewer and fewer Swiss people are paying by cash. The times when we withdraw money from ATMs and pay with it are slowly but surely coming to an end. There is much to be said for cashless payment methods, especially credit cards.

Frequent flyer program

Miles & More is the Star Alliance frequent flyer program, which SWISS has belonged to since 2006. The principle is simple: Anyone who flies is credited with award miles.

Mileage calculator

Would you like to know how many miles you can earn with your purchases? Use our mileage calculator and find out how quickly you can book an award flight.

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