Loyalty programs

Benefit twice! With the SWISS SME card package, you benefit twice. And your employees do as well. With the SWISS SME card package, your company benefits from PartnerPlusBenefit, and your employees earn miles on their corporate cards with Miles & More.


PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty program

The PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty program4 for SMEs has the following motto: fly, collect points, benefit1. Participation is free and the rewards are extremely attractive. With the SWISS SME card package, your company automatically becomes a PartnerPlusBenefit member, and you get additional valuable BenefitPoints if you purchase airline tickets from SWISS, Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines using a SWISS SME credit card3.

Collect BenefitPoints

As a PartnerPlusBenefit member, your company collects BenefitPoints if you fly with SWISS, Lufthansa and nine other partner airlines.2 In addition to the regular BenefitPoints, your company receives additional attractive BenefitPoints if you pay for your airline tickets from SWISS, Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines using a SWISS SME credit card3. This means your company benefits twice, as you collect double the BenefitPoints: once through your membership2 of the PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty program, and once when you use the cards to purchase the airline tickets.

4,000 BenefitPoints as a welcome bonus: Companies that become new members of PartnerPlusBenefit with the SWISS SME card package get a welcome bonus1.

Redeeming your BenefitPoints

From free flights and upgrades to useful in-flight rewards and high-value product awards, your company has a variety of ways to use the BenefitPoints it collects and to therefore reduce its travel costs. With PartnerPlusBenefit, your company has a wider selection of rewards than with any other corporate bonus program.


Miles & More

With Miles & More, you benefit from the attractive loyalty program of the Lufthansa Group. With the SWISS SME card package, you automatically become a member of Miles & More free of charge, which means your employees get additional bonus miles whenever they make purchases with their cards2. Your miles are also protected against expiry as long as you make regular use of the cards5.

1 Only for companies who become a new PartnerPlusBenefit member with the SWISS SME card package.
2 Except for fees, interest, back-charges, cash withdrawals, payments for bank transfers and currency exchanges (also into monetary surrogates such as cryptocurrencies, Traveler Cheques, topping up cashless payment methods etc.) as well as payments to securities brokers, payments for services associated with the card (e.g. optional insurance) and any gaming or similar gambling transactions.
3 The flight has to be purchased in Switzerland with SWISS, Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines using the SWISS SME card package (directly with these airlines or with a travel agency, if it processes the payment through the airlines mentioned).
4 The "PartnerPlusBenefit Terms and Conditions (GTC)" apply, which can be found at partnerplusbenefit.com
5 The expiry of your award miles is delayed as long as you use your card at least once a month for purchases that are eligible for miles and if you have been the holder of a SWISS Miles & More Business corporate card for at least 1 month. The exact provisions for mileage validity are available here.